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Windows Servers

Microsoft's latest release of Windows Server operating system is Windows Server 2016. Windows Server is one of the most used and powerful domain management tools used within small to mid-sized business environments.

Design, Implementation, and Support of Windows Server environments is one of the greatest assets of MainStreet. We support Active Directory, Remote Desktop Services (RDS), File/Print Services, SQL databases, as well as the numerous other aspects of Windows Server environments. Technicians on staff have several decades’ worth of experience supporting customer sites using Windows Server.

One of MainStreet's most popular solutions is implementing Windows Server environments on Dell servers. We believe in providing the best possible equipment to bring businesses into latest industry standards. In partnering directly with Microsoft and Dell, MainStreet is able to bring enterprise-level equipment to SMBs (small to medium size businesses), while also giving those SMBs the attention they deserve.

Linux Servers

Another one of MainStreet's greatest strengths is the ability to design, implement, and support Linux environments. We are one of a short list of companies in the Central Pennsylvania area that support Linux environments. Although there are few companies in the Central Pennsylvania area that operate this operating system, Linux still runs over 20% of servers within the business market.

Staff at MainStreet is dedicated to support the latest of open source projects including Red Hat, CentOS, SUSE, Debian, and along with many others that are in the market today.

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