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Managed Services

Managed Services is one of the newest concepts in the IT world, yet the value it adds to business is truly timeless. Managed Services is a concept in which IT staff are able to monitor servers and workstations live and provide support in the background. Such support creates a proactive environment rather than a reactive environment. The goal is for IT to face issues before a problem occurs, so end users and businesses are unaffected.

At MainStreet IT Solutions, we strive to provide extraordinary Managed Services that remove complications for our customers so they can focus on what they do best: Their own business. We provide automation for Windows Security Patches, 3rd party application patches, desktop maintenance, among many other various tasks that keep servers and workstations in optimal condition.

By providing Managed Services, we have seen a unique revolution in how IT is handled. Since MainStreet began to offer Managed Services to customers, we have seen a significant decline in downtime and ticket creation. A huge factor that is playing into this revolution is due to the fact that our HelpDesk has transitioned into a proactive IT staff rather than reacting to problems.

Often times, when problems occur it can take significant amount of time, energy, and tickets created due to tracking down problems to their root cause. However, Managed Services has allowed MainStreet to proactively see problems before it occurs or see exactly when a problem does occur. This cuts down on time spent troubleshooting and utilizes our time with supporting solutions to help businesses return to normal operations.

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