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In today's world, having an IT HelpDesk Partner could be considered synonymous with having water for daily sustenance. At MainStreet IT Solutions we have been providing HelpDesk support since our doors opened in 2011. Just as there are many businesses out there and many ways of doing business, we also have a wide variety of options when it comes to support.

Understandably so, there are many businesses that do not require full-time IT staff but do require technical assistance of sorts when it comes to daily operations. MainStreet IT Solutions provides a Break-Fix option in which companies simply call in and we provide support based on an hourly basis. We believe that everyone should receive support, so that is why our promise is to serve in flexible ways.


In what could be called a modern movement, many companies are choosing to align themselves with a true IT partner that can handle the needs of the company in its entirety. In other words, MainStreet IT Solutions is the preferred IT department of many companies that runs from a contractual basis. Many companies are choosing to outsource their HelpDesk for a variety of reasons and they are finding success in multiple forms as they see their businesses thrive.

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