Data Integrity

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Data Integrity

One of the most important factors in today’s modern computing comes down to a single word: Security. Security comes in many forms, but two often overlooked areas come in the form of backup protection and anti-virus protection. At MainStreet IT Solutions, we strive to provide the best enterprise-level protection at an affordable cost for small to medium sized business. Data Integrity is at the core of what we do at MainStreet IT Solutions and we are always looking for new ways to improve.

Although we partner with certain IT vendors, we take an honest approach to choosing the correct vendors that best suit our customers' needs in providing adequate support at an affordable cost. Backup solutions can vary quite a bit in the market, so we evaluate all backup solutions for each customer.

We are reminded year-by-year that backup software has become a critical component in any business environment. We have seen firsthand how backup software has saved decades-worth of documents and database information. As a guide helps others find their way through unfamiliar environments, MainStreet IT Solutions is able to help guide businesses toward an ideal backup solution that fits each individual need of a company.

At MainStreet IT Solutions we believe that each company should be adequately protected by an enterprise-level anti-virus solution. Obviously there is no full-proof protection, but anything less than complete protection of a workstation and its environment would be foolish in today's world. We are constantly monitoring enterprise-level endpoint protection software and its ability to protect individual machines and its environments, so we can ensure our customers are receiving the best possible support.

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